Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Newsnight on Michal Kaminski - deeply troubling

Newsnight tonight had a fascinating, deeply troubling piece about Michal Kaminski, the Conservative Party's Polish ally in the European Parliament. This feature explains what was said on the programme. The Conservative Party should be deeply concerned about this matter - as should anyone who is thinking of voting Conservative. I unreservedly repeat my condemnation of the Conservatives' new alliance with the right-wing fringe of European politics. Churchill and Macmillan must be turning in their graves!


  1. Matthew I saw that article too and it was the most shameless smear operations I have ever seen on a BBC TV programme.

    All the tricks were used.

    The harrowing pictures, the man plucked from millions who would tell the interviewer what he wanted to hear. The "he must be anti-semitic" even if he didn't go on that particular demonstration.

    The daft picture and implied fecklessness of the script. It was one long list of "minister when did you stop beating your wife" inuendo, with the BBC protecting itself by making sure it interviewed the people who countered its case, but only at the end and with none of the script and visual cues.

    Then there was Denis MacShane with his long list of smears and innuendo. There is a man who should hang his head in shame and resign from public life for his attempts to misuse anti-semitism for narrow party political advantage.

    Daniel Hannan did very well in response, knowing his subject far better than Mr MacShane. He didn't rise to the attempt to annoy him by calling him Danny by MacShane but did tell the BBC directly about how deeply shameful their article had been.

    Churchill would recognise the tactics of the BBC as he suffered from them himself being banned from the airwaves for many years because the authorities found his view on the rise of Germany too upsetting.

    I'd recommend watching it also - but as an example of inbuilt BBC bias and why a democracy cannot allow the monolith and institutionally left-wing BBC to continue to dominate our broadcast media.

  2. Given your comments on the BBC, I am curious as to where you are coming from politically...I strongly disagree with you, and I invite people to watch for themselves and draw their own conclusions. I would point out that this has story has been generating detailed media analysis for some months now, so I was not watching Newsnight's report in isolation. Thanks for your post, though.